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Certified Translations

What is a certified translation?

You want to register your marriage at a local authorities, apply for citizenship, or receive social benefit from the JobCenter in Germany? Then you may have been asked to submit a certified translation of your certificates, diplomas, and immigration files.


In such cases, you cannot just entrust the translation of your documents to any translator of your own choice, but your must hire a translator who is authorised and sworn-in by court to provide such a service. The sworn translator needs to adhere to the rules and regulations for certified translations that apply in the country for which the translation is intended.

What is the difference between a certified and any other translation?

A certified translation must be identified as such. It includes a heading such as "Certified translation from the ____ language", a certification remark at the end of the translation, and an official stamp from the translator. Additionally, all pages of the translation must be stamped and connected with each other and with a copy of the original file, so that any separation of the translated pages would make the certified translation invalid. You will receive the final translation posted safely in a large envelop to your address, and if you wish, a PDF file of the translation. Please let the translator know if you require more than one copy.


What needs to be paid attention to?

To obtain a certified translation that is accepted by the authority, the translator also requires clear instructions of what is required. Does the translator need to see the original file, a certified copy, or is a scanned copy enough? Does the entire document need to be translated, including all legalisation remarks and/or the apostille? Does the authority require the translation of the entire divorce decree or is the certificate sufficient? If you can obtain the answers to these questions before you contact the sworn translator, this will speed up the process, and the translation can often be finalised within one working day.

How much is a certified translation?

Becoming a sworn translator is a long process, therefore the cost of these translations is significantly higher. The translator must not make a single mistake, as this could influence the outcome of the authority's decision. In Germany, the cost of certified translations is regulated by the JVEG (German Judicial Remuneration and Compensation Act),. Find out more about the cost for certified translations here.

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