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The main languages that I translate and interpret are German, English, Indonesian, and Malay. To ensure professional and excellent translations, I follow two important principles:


Mother Tongue Principle:

I only translate into my native language German and work together with native speakers of the other languages to translate from German.

Target Country Principle:

I reside in Germany and have spent most of my life in Germany. For translations into the other languages, I work with native speakers who currently reside and/or have lived most of their lives in the country where the target language is spoken.

Upon request, I also translate from other languages into German, such as Dutch, French, Thai, Tok Pisin, and Bislama. An additional service is the transcription or translation of old German handwritten documents (Kurrent/Sütterlin). If you need a translation from or into one of these languages, please get into contact with me first.

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