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English is the most widely spoken second language in the world. In nearly every country, English is a mandatory subject in school.


​Translating is more than just transferring a text from one language to another. First, the translator needs to fully analyze and understand the author's intention of the original text. Then the translator needs to choose the right words to express the same ideas in the target language. A  final check guarantees that the meaning of the original text is completely retained.

I ensure that my translations reflect the original text not only in content but also in style. Every translation is adapted to your needs and of highest quality. I also provide localization of your texts.


  • Contracts

  • Birth certificates

  • ID cards

  • Driving licenses

  • Work permits

  • Court rulings

  • Diplomas

  • Scientific articles

  • Technical instructions

  • Medical reports

  • Clinical studies

  • Websites & Blogs

  • Multilingual SEO

  • Subtitles


Interpretation is the translation of spoken words in one language into another language. I provide consecutive interpreting services between German, English, and Indonesian. This means that while a person talks in the original language, I take notes and convey the talk or presentation in the target language with the help of my notes after the talk has finished.

I ensure that my interpretation reflects the original intention of the speaker both in content and in emotional expression. This task requires that I pay the highest attention to your choice of words.


  • Language mediation

  • Community interpretation

  • Police hearings

  • Talks

  • Presentations

  • Conferences (not simultaneous)

  • Public meetings

  • Exhibitions

  • Press releases

  • Appointments at government agencies

  • Selling of new products

  • New-home purchases

  • Counselling

  • Phone calls


German is my native language, and I speak Indonesian and English on a daily basis. I have been teaching German for many years to people of very different backgrounds. As someone who loves studying languages myself, I can relate to the learning process in English and Indonesian very well.

Teaching a language requires that we do not only discuss the grammar but also speak the language during the lesson! The best way to do this at the moment is online. Feel free to contact me if you are looking for someone who teaches professionally and passionately.


  • German A1-C2

  • English A1-B2

  • Indonesian A1-B2

  • Goethe exam preparation

  • Grammatical explanations

  • Pronunciation exercises

  • Daily exericses

  • Counselling for studies abroad

Image by Tim Mossholder
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