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Krausse Translations

English — German — Indonesian — Malay

Dr. Daniel Krauße

Dr Daniel Krauße

Linguist and certified translator

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About me

My name is Daniel Krausse (German spelling: Krauße).

I am a native speaker of German and specialise in translation and interpretation services in English, Indonesian, and Malay. As a certified and sworn translator for Indonesian and Malay in Germany and as a professional interpreter for English, I regularly translate between the four languages. I also provide translations from/to Bislama.

I hold a PhD degree in Linguistics from the University of Newcastle in Australia

and a Master's degree in Comparative Linguistics from the University of Frankfurt. I spent most of life in Germany, Indonesia, and Australia.

I am listed in the following official databases as a sworn translator:

Translation is not a matter of words only. It is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.

– Anthony Burgess –

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